“Your learning should not be a mile wide and an inch deep, nor should it be an inch wide and a mile deep.  It should be a mile wide and a mile deep.”  As a species, humanity has come a long way and learned a great deal.  As a result, there are so many interesting and exciting things to learn about.  Many people nowadays are either experts in a single, narrow field of study, or are generalists who know a little about many different fields.  However, there are still some people out there who want to know everything about everything.

The Modern Polymath is first and foremost a blog, where I hope to share interesting things I learn, over a wide array of topics.  Things you will see discussed on here include:

  • Science
  • Space Exploration
  • History
  • Books
  • Video Games
  • Board Games

In addition to writing things in a blog, I hope to gather here resources that I find to help other people educate themselves.  These include books, websites, videos, and other tools that I come across.