Fun Links

Here are some links to random fun stuff I like around the internet.

Follow NASA on all sorts of social media.


I enjoy listening to various podcasts.  They can be entertaining and educational.


I read many, many webcomics.  Here are just a few of the ones I enjoy and recommend.

  • xkcd
    • A classic “webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.”
  • Piled High’n’Deeper
    • PHD comics is all about the life of graduate students.
  • Phoebe and Her Unicorn
    • Reminiscent of Calvin & Hobbes, this one’s all about the shenanigans a girl with a unicorn as a best friend can get up to.


  • CGP GreyMinute Physics and Minute EarthSmarter Every DayVeritasiumViHart
    • These are all YouTube channels dedicated to educating people about various topics.
  • Deep Look
    • One of the PBS education YouTube channels, Deep Look specializes in looking at things very close up.
  • Extra Credits
    • A YouTube channel about concepts used in video games.
  • NASA TV and NASA’s YouTube
    • NASA streams many of its events live, as well as educational shows.  In addition, NASA TV has HD stream views from the International Space Station.
  • Primitive Technology
    • Ever wonder how they did things back before we had modern conveniences?  Want to know what it would be like starting from scratch?  This man’s videos are all about how things were done without modern technology.
  • Rocket Ship Resort
    • One of my favorite independent musicians.  Go check him out!

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