Beginning a Blog

Well, here we go!  This is officially my first blog post.  If you are reading this, then welcome to The Modern Polymath!  On this blog, I hope to share my enthusiasm for science and learning with anyone who may be interested.  I will make blog posts about various topics to teach people about things I find interesting, especially astronomy and science.  In addition, I will be gathering various resources and interesting and useful links for people to use.  Every so often, when something exciting or interesting is going on, I’ll post it in the Events and Opportunities page.  The biggest thing coming up this year is the Great American Eclipse, which is a solar eclipse visible across all of North America (August 21).  The site is going to be a little rough around the edges for a bit, as I continue setting things up, but let’s jump right in!

Why should you read this blog?

Learning how to think scientifically is a very important skill to have.  It encourages logical thought processes and healthy skepticism.  Once you begin to think scientifically, when you realize that you have such a capability within yourself, you see the world in a new light.  By questioning the world around you, forcing yourself to challenge your own assumptions, you open your mind to the broader possibilities and the wonder of the universe.  Science is more than just a subject taught in schools.  It is a discipline, a way of thinking, and a lifestyle.

I think that learning astronomy is especially important, because it provides a unique worldview.  It shows us how small and precious we are, and that our planet is worth protecting.  From space, you can’t see the borders of any country.  Manmade objects are barely visible.  Looking down on the Earth, all you can see are the things nature has wrought, from the great shapes of continents, formed over geologic time, to the lush forests and dry deserts on top of them.  And from further away, the Earth itself appears as naught but a pale blue dot, almost imperceptibly small.  And out there, you are surrounded by all the wonders of the cosmos.  Who wouldn’t find all our politicking and infighting petty and want to explore this amazing universe?

A little about myself:

I am a graduate student, working on a PhD in astrophysics.  I’ll be entering my second semester this month, and hope that it all goes well.  Once I graduate, I would like to find employment, perhaps with a museum, planetarium, or observatory, doing outreach and education about astronomy.   In the meantime, I am taking whatever opportunities to do outreach I can get (provided I have the time).

In my free time, I enjoy reading, both fiction and nonfiction, and playing video games.  When I get the chance, I also love to play board games with my friends.  I have quite a collection.  If you want to read more about me, visit my About Me page.

I hope that you enjoy reading my blog.  If there’s anything in particular you’d like to hear about, or if you just want to say hi, feel free to contact me.  I’m always interested in helping answer questions, and I promise I don’t bite.  That’s enough about me and this blog for now.  Let’s have fun exploring our universe together!

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